Industrial Security: Ideas to choose a good degree in your thesis according to the problem raised!

Industrial safety or occupational health is a topic of interest for both workers and employers, since it prevents occupational accidents and reduces risks occupational diseases within the facilities of companies.

These theses are supported by international standards such as ISO standards and OSHAS standards, among others. In addition to national regulations, laws and regulations.

The industrial safety theses focus on occupational safety and health that are within the research lines of the Industrial Engineering, Human Resources or Industrial Safety specialties.

According to the indicated, I will give you some themes of industrial safety thesis (occupational health topics), to develop the titles of the theses of degree. Starting from a problem or a detected need.

Case 1. Fire Prevention within the standards of industrial safety

The physical facilities of this school were built with asbestos and wood. It handles large amount of materials that are high combustion, such as paper, wood, cleaning products, animes, rags, cardboard, cotton, plastics. Own elements used in the teaching process, adding the furniture.

However, the school does not have a visible way, signage indicating an emergency evacuation. There are no fire extinguishers of any kind and there is no water with sufficient force, which can be used to reduce the amount of fire as the pump that supplies it is burned and the water does not reach the second floor of the building.

This results in the possibility that a fire event occurs and can not be controlled in time. Efficiently and effectively and exposing the life of the entire population that interacts there daily.

Possible titles of this Industrial Safety Degree Thesis:

1.- Evaluation of the physical facilities for the prevention of risk against fire of the school xxxxxx.

Another option could be:

2.- Emergency plan for the evacuation in case of emergency for students, teachers and staff of the school xxxxxx.

Case 2. Work Hazards

The company xxxxxx workers are exposed to various occupational hazards, which affect their industrial safety which are not timely notified to workers.

Thus, these workers are exposed to physical agents such as:

  • Noise causing deafness in the exposed population.
  • High temperatures caused by ovens.
  • Vibrations product of the punching machines.
  • Also to mechanical, disergonomic agents, such as:

Repetitive movements.

Static work position for a long time that have increased pathologies due to musculoskeletal diseases, among others.

Possible titles for this Degree Thesis:

3.- Evaluate the risks of work in the area of Forged Plant of the company xxxxxx. 4.- Identify Health and Safety Risks in the Forging Plant area of the company xxxxxx.

Final Recommendations

This area is very wide and the interesting thing about the race is that currently it is necessary to develop procedures, regulations or internal controls that help to prevent occupational risks, accidents at work, among others. Based on international regulations that can be applied to this area.

I do not want to go into detail with the specialty, I just want to give examples that can be useful to help write a problem and a thesis title, delimited and concrete. What I have been developing in the articles, in the section of the first steps of this blog.