Education thesis: What title can I choose?

The following questions: What title can I choose for my education thesis? Are there good topics for theses in education? These have been the most common consultations that have been done to me in recent days. The content of this article seeks to clarify doubts and provide ideas for the development of the thesis for this university degree.

Although in the previous article of ¿How to choose the title of the thesis of degree ?, I explained in a simple way how to write the title for your thesis of degree.

Taking this into account, I consider it important to reinforce that article a little, for which, I will develop some examples for some lines of research and I will begin with the topics for education theses. This can serve as a guide to write the title of your degree project, starting from the micro of the problem. Titles of theses in education, we begin:

Case 1. Education Thesis: School Dropout

The educational institution is presenting an increase in school dropouts. Since at the beginning of the school period the enrollment is complete and at the end of the period approximately 30% of students have withdrawn from it.

This may be due to the lack of motivation of parents and students to complete their studies. Due to the need that some present to incorporate to the labor area, even being very young and without a certain trade.

Likewise, the institution does not have economic resources that support the incorporation of technological and pedagogical tools that help teachers to make their classes more dynamic and interesting.

It should also be added that the school is located outside of the city limits. What increases the possibilities of transfer of students from their homes to the study center.

According to the problem that is being developed, the possible thesis titles of education can be:

Factors that influence in the desertion school in the students of the 5th grade of the school xx, of the municipality xx. Motivational strategies that decrease school dropout in 5th grade students of school xx, municipality xx.

Remember: It is important to define when developing the thesis title. If you do not do it, it can be so broad that it is difficult for you to finish it on time.

Case 2. Education thesis: Disinterest in the subject

In the class of the subject Technical Drawing, it is perceived that there is no harmonic environment, since the teacher has not managed to generate a climate of support with good emotional relationships.

Likewise, there is competition among students who perceive the teacher as someone threatening to perform tests to mark their students, cataloging them from the beginning as good or bad students. What causes absence or distraction in the classes.

In addition, in other cases there are students who project failure before each proposed activity and therefore do not put any interest in their learning.

This brings with it a great apathy and disinterest in the subject mentioned above. Which can also cause a high level of anxiety among the participants.

According to the problem that is being developed the possible thesis title of education can be:

Didactic strategies for the teachinglearning process of Technical Drawing in students of the 7th Seventh year of Bachillerato, of the school xx located in xx.

Keep in mind

Each thesis is a unique and personalized research work, although in many opportunities the problems are similar, each case has its own characteristics that identify it and make it unique.

For this reason it is important to carry out the previous observation, visiting the place of the study and talking directly with those affected directly. But with caution, since the behavior of the study subjects can be unpredictable and you may not be able to collect accurate information about the problem.